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Snoring and Sleep Apnea are two leading reasons for poor sleep that leaves you tired and foggy, and can often lead to serious health issues.

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Trouble Sleeping
Tired at work

Going through life tired and irritable is not necessary. We are supposed to feel renewed and refreshed in the morning, not exhausted, achy and cranky. Dr. Daniela Sever is trained to recognize, assess and treat sleep disordered breathing. She can help you find relief or eliminate your problem altogether.

Dr. Daniela Sever DMD, PC

Dr. Daniela Sever, DMD, PC

Dr. Sever is a Board certified expert in dental sleep medicine and can provide a custom-fitted, FDA approved and comfortable oral appliance. The rate of success of oral appliance therapy is excellent though not everyone is a candidate. She has helped scores of patients regain deep sleep by using their oral device. Patients report quiet and restful nights, increased energy levels, improved outlook, cheerful attitude, weight loss, stabilization of their blood pressure, and many other healthy changes.

Meet Dr. Sever’s team.

Dr. Sever recently was on Nightside with Dan Rea to talk to callers about Sleep Apnea. If you missed it, you can listen to it below.


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